Members Information


The officers ask that members that shoot pistol, and rifle.. to please pick up your empty brass casings the best you can.

There is to be NO shooting of glass.. PERIOD!!! Anyone caught shooting at the signs, or anything other than the hill or designated areas.. will be banned from the club.. NO second chance...Also you are not to drive on the shooting grounds.. Park in the lot, and carry your stuff up to the range to shoot. If you are caught driving over the septic, over the trap ranges or on the lower field.. you will be prosecuted for repairs if there is any damage. The few people that care for the club grounds are NOT maids.. and YOU are old enough to know better.

ALL members are to sign in when on club grounds. ( as you where told to do when you became a member. ) 

               As we have said before.. if you don't like the rules, ( and there are not many ) go somewhere else and shoot.                                                

 If you are looking to shoot practice during the week, make some time to check out the Louisville Sportsmen's Club.

They shoot on Wednesday evenings, and they are a great bunch of guys.